#47 Leicester

Caplinx Investment presents a unique investment opportunity in the Leicester.  It is a sensational project located in the heart of city center. #47 disseminating superlative living units and lucrative investment opportunities. The building is carved by the architectural experts. The building allows sufficient openings and spaces and does not at all suffocate the design. The apartments are keenly tailored to suit the need of the occupants under all the possible circumstances. Your investment well-wisher, Caplinx Investment now becomes your investment good wisher by bringing up this lifetime opportunity. The returns are guaranteed to be propitious and promising. Choose your setting. You can make your choice based on your comfort and preferences. There is a studio apartment to subsume an independent or independently married individual. There are one, two and three bed apartments to accommodate small and large families. Moreover, there are automatic lifts, fire alarms, CCTV cameras. Decide to accrue Make your decision today to receive amazing discounts on early bookings. The memorandum and plans are simple and helpful. Let your future be proud on your decision. Invest today.


Rental Income: 8% NET for 3 Years OR 7% NET for 5 Years

Completion: Q1 2020

Leasehold: 250 years Lease

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